Friday, February 4, 2011

Helpful in Hilo

My hope is that this blog will catch on and that I won't be the only one posting on here, but until it does, I am going to post, in hopes that others will follow suit. Among other things, it will help it look like I am not tooting my own horn.

I was at the airport, and I have to confess that this act of service came about more out of my sense of impatience than anything else. I was waiting to get a Smarte Carte to carry my luggage and the little lady ahead of me was trying to feed a worn and crumbled bill into the machine with no luck. I stepped up and put my credit card into the machine and told her "Your cart is on me." She was so grateful, I was kind of embarrassed because I knew my motivation was selfish. Nevertheless, it was something helpful to her, and she left me with a "God bless," among other nice things she said. It started me thinking about whether there might be legions of angels whose duty it is to answer all those "God bless" requests. Truly, I tried to pay attention, and I did have a blessed day, with many things going my way that otherwise might not have.

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